Malice Mafia

Malice Mafia

I fell in love with three dangerous men.

The leaders of Malice Mafia.

My best friend’s brothers.

They brought me into their deadly world. It was glamorous but twisted. Torture, death, and crime followed me everywhere I went, chiseling away at parts of me until I wasn’t the same anymore.

They praised me. They worshiped my body. They ruined my soul. All of this started because I made a choice. Because I fell in love. Because I was a lonely girl clinging to dangerous criminals.

Malice was a broken man. A leader with a cracked crown.

William was an opportunist. A soldier with a grudge.

Anthony was a survivor. A lover with hope.

I was nothing but a pretty little toy for them to break, but I must remind these jealous and possessive men that they’re stronger together.

I just pray that this fight for power won’t tear us all apart.

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Pages Kindle Edition, -1
Published October 12, 2023

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