No Such King

The Bloody Royals Book 1

In a kingdom where the opulence of royal romance collides with the sinister allure of the mafia underworld, a queen, a prince, a mafia lord, and a royal bodyguard find themselves irresistibly drawn together.

Atticus Dupont, the formidable kingpin of the underworld, has been orchestrating my destiny from the shadows, craving to possess my spirit, my flesh, and my very being.

Leo Winthrop, a ruthless royal bodyguard with hidden motives, is committed to safeguarding me from the treacherous underbelly of our world, even if it means employing cruelty and shattering my trust.

And Prince Augustus? A disenchanted heir who would rather lose himself in the intoxicating pleasures of court life than be bound to me in an arranged marriage.

I once fled the kingdom, swearing to never return.
But with the king’s demise, the castle is plunged into turmoil.
Duty compels me to confront my fate.

One undeniable truth lingers within my guarded heart: I must relinquish my fears, for this crown is too heavy for one lover to carry.

This reverse harem romance weaves a web of passion, power, and peril, ensnaring readers with its alluring blend of tropes: mafia, royal, arranged marriage, forced proximity, enemies to lovers, second chance, angst, strong heroine, and possessive men. This is a complete trilogy with an HEA.

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Pages Kindle Edition, 400
Published January 22, 2023

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