The Harder They Ride

He turned me into a woman of extremes, living a life of intense passion and fierce emotions in the rugged landscape of West Texas.

When I cried, I drowned.

When I loved, I burned.

Declan Wilder, a man with a deadly past and a killer smile, made me feel alive like never before. Little did I know that he was a key player in the criminal underground rodeo circuit, where danger and desire went hand in hand. Little did I know, he had been hired to kill me.

When he aimed, he destroyed.

When he obsessed, he consumed.

Our love burned hot, an insatiable fire that threatened to ruin us both in a world of reckless outlaws and high-stakes games. Declan was my forbidden flame, a man with a dark past and a possessive streak that threatened to devour me whole. Still, I ached for him, even if it meant facing the deadly consequences of his criminal ties in the gritty and unpredictable wild of the West.

When we fell, we crashed.

When he claimed, he ruined.

I knew that I was destined to ride the thrilling waves of passion and adventure, even if it meant risking it all on a journey where love, danger, and villains collided.

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Pages Kindle Edition, 449
Published July 11, 2023

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