It’s so wrong. I shouldn’t like the way he touches me.

I shouldn’t melt in his hands. I shouldn’t ache this much for an unavailable man.

I know this won’t last, so I’m giving him all I’ve got.

We might be written in the sand, but he’s left a mark on my soul that I’ll take to the grave.


Readers are encouraged to read Aggro before this novella. This is a FREE book. 

I never meant to kiss my best friend’s twin brother. I never meant to cross the line with her boyfriend, either. Its the ultimate betrayal—I’m stuck between two forbidden men. If she were still alive, she’d probably hate me. But Violet is dead, and they’re still here.

One of them wants to use me.
The other wants to forget me.
Both of them make me feel alive.

Together, we’ll find her murderer.
Together, we’ll navigate our grief.
Together, we will survive.