I’m not myself.

I’m messier. Dangerous.

I’m numb and chaotic with a dash of self-destructive.

I know the truth about my brother’s death, but it doesn’t bring me comfort. Who wants to believe the girl with a dud gun in her purse and prescription pills in her palm?

Young and I are crashing into comfort, and somewhere along the way, I’ve caught feelings for my twin brother’s cheating ex. Then there’s Noah, the betraying bastard. I’m not sure we’ll ever be the same, and yet somehow I still crave him. At least Renon provides the sort of distraction I can understand. He helps me forget.

But I always remember in the end.

Samuel Smith will die. I’m sure of it. I just have to make sure he doesn’t kill me first.

Killing my brother’s murderers has become my latest obsession.

Against the advice of my alcoholic therapist, I’ve left my life behind, moving across the country with just two goals in mind: Take down the elite Ivy League School that covered up my twin brother’s death, and seek revenge on the ones responsible.

But nothing is what it seems at Blackwood University, and it starts to feel like I’m grieving a stranger.

Although I’m prepared to do whatever necessary to bring his murderers to justice—nothing could prepare me for falling in love.