Heart of the Walker

The Walker Book 2

It’s been a month since Josiah took what was left of our dying relationship and extinguished its embers. Making my home in Dormas, I’m finding my true self. I’ve settled into my job at the Bakery, and when I’m not avoiding Jules, I’m stealing moments with Maverick, Cyler, Jacob, Huxley, Patrick, and Kemper.

I don’t fool myself into thinking that my desire for all of them is something I’m worthy of, but every time I gladly settle for just friendship, they pull me closer, making me want them all the more.

Even though life in Dormas brings its sweetness, danger always seems a heartbeat away. Trade deals, alliances, and unexpected friends are keeping us busy. If it’s not the latest increase in X infected Scavengers, it’s Emperor Lackley’s unpredictable machinations to unleash an evil that will threaten not just the people I love, but us all.

One thing I know for sure—I won’t let that happen without a fight.

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Published March 16, 2018

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