Wings of the Walker Complete Box Set

The Walker

An inescapable fate. Six men. One path to freedom that comes at a cost.
I’d served at Stonewell manor for most of my life, but what I once considered a safe haven in our dangerous world, now feels like a prison.
One fateful deal between the Stonewell family and the infamous Cyler Black had me moving across the country to a province with six fierce leaders—The Dormas Leadership Council. They challenged me to find happiness in my new home, but I couldn’t avoid the budding attraction I felt toward each of them.
Cyler, the protective leader.
Huxley, the broody outcast.
Jacob, the flirty hero.
Kemper, the intellectual perfectionist.
Maverick, the wise healer.
& Patrick, the playful castaway.
I was ready to escape the chains of my past and pioneer a new future, but politics, deceit, and evil threatened to ruin my new life. It’s up to us to save the world.
I’ve found my wings, and with the help of my men, I’ll learn to fly.

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Pages Kindle Edition, 700
Published December 15, 2020

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