An inescapable fate. Six men. One path to freedom that comes at a cost.
I’d served at Stonewell manor for most of my life, but what I once considered a safe haven in our dangerous world, now feels like a prison.
One fateful deal between the Stonewell family and the infamous Cyler Black had me moving across the country to a province with six fierce leaders—The Dormas Leadership Council. They challenged me to find happiness in my new home, but I couldn’t avoid the budding attraction I felt toward each of them.
Cyler, the protective leader.
Huxley, the broody outcast.
Jacob, the flirty hero.
Kemper, the intellectual perfectionist.
Maverick, the wise healer.
& Patrick, the playful castaway.
I was ready to escape the chains of my past and pioneer a new future, but politics, deceit, and evil threatened to ruin my new life. It’s up to us to save the world.
I’ve found my wings, and with the help of my men, I’ll learn to fly.

The end is here.

Dormas is gone. The empire is in ruin, and I’m struggling to come to terms with the girl I’ve become.

My men are the only bright spot left in the empire. We’re stronger than ever. Determined to find Payne and the cure, we comb through all the destruction, searching for him while trying to evade infected Walkers.

I just hope we can find him in time. Death is breathing down our necks, and I’m starting to worry that my men and I won’t survive the end of the empire.

The end is here. And so is a beautiful beginning.

I’ll build an army to take back what is mine.
Revenge may harden the heart, but I’ll gladly suffer the consequences.
I’ve lost my family, my best friend, and the men I love. The little Walker girl from Galla is dead. Now, all that’s left of her is a girl willing to risk it all.
They call me Queen of the Walkers.

I’ve been stripped of all my freedoms on the beautiful island of Ethros, where cruelty is the foundation of our temporary home.

Cyler, Maverick, Patrick, Huxley, Jacob, & Kemper are determined to find ways around their rules. We fight for our moments together, even when the people of Ethros try to tear us apart.

There’s pain in Ethros. Although I’m here against my will, I’m thankful that the stress of our situation has forced us to dive into the depths of our feelings for one another.

And despite an uncertain future, I want to enjoy whatever time we have left.

Consequences and prejudice be damned.

It’s been a month since Josiah took what was left of our dying relationship and extinguished its embers. Making my home in Dormas, I’m finding my true self. I’ve settled into my job at the Bakery, and when I’m not avoiding Jules, I’m stealing moments with Maverick, Cyler, Jacob, Huxley, Patrick, and Kemper.

I don’t fool myself into thinking that my desire for all of them is something I’m worthy of, but every time I gladly settle for just friendship, they pull me closer, making me want them all the more.

Even though life in Dormas brings its sweetness, danger always seems a heartbeat away. Trade deals, alliances, and unexpected friends are keeping us busy. If it’s not the latest increase in X infected Scavengers, it’s Emperor Lackley’s unpredictable machinations to unleash an evil that will threaten not just the people I love, but us all.

One thing I know for sure—I won’t let that happen without a fight.

From the age of three, all I’ve known is Stonewell Manor, home of the prominent political figure, Josiah Stonewell. Josiah and I were once close companions, but as we grew older, our stations in life demanded distance.

You see, I am a Walker: a survivor of a deadly virus that wiped away a large portion of the population, and my immunity allows me to be fortunate enough to serve the prestigious Stonewell household. I am a cook, servant, and general housemaid, but my life is content.

My every waking moment is lived for Josiah, his praise, his sighs, his nearness. I don’t know the exact moment I fell in love with him, but I do know that if anyone found out about our lingering stares, it would end his political career.

When Cyler Black and his beautiful sister come to visit Stonewell Manor, I find myself squinting down the barrel of heartbreak. Cyler offers me a chance at freedom in a new Providence where he and six other male leaders live. Choices will be made, goodbyes will be said, and the world I thought I knew, changes. But the biggest choice of all is deciding on what my heart wants.